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Volunteers working at an outreach event

Each year, Volunteer Maryland partners with up to 30 nonprofits, schools, and government agencies to recruit, train, and supervise a Volunteer Maryland AmeriCorps Member. Together, sites and Volunteer Maryland, recruit in search of a candidate to fill the role as AmeriCorps Member at your organization. These dual partnerships are funded through AmeriCorps.

  1. Does your organization utilize volunteers to address a community need?
  2. Does your organization’s services align with AmeriCorps focus areas? See list.
  3. Schedule a call if you need support and have questions. (443-346-0615)
  4. Apply Now.  Please contact Nathan J Cabrera at if you intend to apply. We are limited on the number of sites we can approve! To view a pdf version of the application to use as a reference, click here or copy and paste this url.
    Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate the following: 

    • In-person service: Site provides on-site/in person services that member will be supporting.
    • Supervision: Site employs two or more on-site staff members to provide member supervision & support.
    • Physical location: Site has a physical office location where member will serve (site visits are performed for new sites)
    • Direct Service: Site’s volunteer activities and program needs are clear and measurable.

Your organization may benefit from a partnership with VM! 

Service Site Benefits

  • Full Time AmeriCorps Member (40 hour per week) for an 11-month period dedicated to serving your organization as a Volunteer Coordinator
  • Build Capacity within your Volunteer Program to increase effectiveness and efficiency within your volunteer program
  • Increase Retention among your volunteers
  • Establish/improve on policy and procedures, recognition materials and more within your organization

What else does an AmeriCorps member do at my site? 

2023-24 Services Site – Could be you!

2022-23 Service Sites 

  1. Anne Arundel County Forestry Board
  2. Anne Arundel County Public Schools – Arlington Echo 
  3. Baltimore City Recreation and Parks
  4. Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore 
  5. Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County
  6. Fair Hill Nature Center
  7. Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake
  8. Justice Jobs of Maryland
  9. Literacy Council of Montgomery County
  10. Little Portion Farm
  11. Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office
  12. So What Else?
  13. Stella Girls
  14. The Community Ecology Institute
  15. Touchstones Discussion Project
  16. University of Maryland Baltimore CURE Scholars Program


Interested in serving in one of our AmeriCorps positions?