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Matt Serves it up at Human Services Programs

Our next VM Story takes us to Carroll County where Matt is serving his VM AmeriCorps year at Human Services Programs.

What are some things that are good to know about you? What are you proud of? What are
some good tidbits to know about you?

I was born and raised in Damascus, Maryland by two parents who worked for the Navy in
varying capacities. After earning an Associates degree in Biblical Studies from the University
of Valley Forge, I transferred to UMBC in order to pursue a bachelors in Political Science. I
have long been passionate about the idea of public service, especially the way that elected
officials are able to effect policy change.

Why are you doing a term of service with Volunteer Maryland and AmeriCorps? What
motivated you to apply and accept this challenge?

I decided to serve with Volunteer Maryland and AmeriCorps because I want to “get things
done” in my community. My peers and I are willing to put the interests of others above
ourselves in order to make Maryland a better place to live for everybody. I would rather do
work that pays less but is meaningful rather than work in a higher paying field that doesn’t
result in the provision of a common good. (Although money is always nice to have. – chuckles. )

What are you hoping to gain from doing this? What skills are you looking to gain? How does
this fit into your long-term goals?

I hope that by serving at Human Services Programs I am able to positively affect the quality of
life of individuals who struggle with poverty. I have a number of friends and family members
who live in poverty, and I have witnessed its effect on their mental and physical health. I
hope that my service results in less people having to suffer in that way.

To learn more about Human Services Programs and volunteer opportunities visit or