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Reflection: Tiana Volunteers at the Samaritan Women

My passion for volunteering and past experiences in life left me with feeling more than happy to volunteer at the Samaritan Women on March 17th. I decided to connect with Jasmyne Cummings another Volunteer Coordinator through Volunteer Maryland. I knew that out of all of the sites that were available to provide support, the Samaritan Women would be an awesome fit for me way before signing up to volunteer with Jasmyne.
I didn’t necessarily know what I’d do, or when I would have availability but during one of our usual VM cohort meetings it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. I had gotten so many compliments on my makeup that day, and always have aspired to be a mortuary makeup artist. Suddenly a thought formed in my mind that said, why not teach the ladies how tobeat their faces’ (do their makeup). I quickly rushed over to Jasmyne and discussed my ideas with her and we both were super excited to get this set up.
Jasmyne did an amazing job with providing me with all of the clients skin tones, preferences, and a headcount prior to my scheduled date. I was able to purchase makeup products for each young lady present. I demonstrated the importance of applying makeup to fit a professional setting. I was able to also chat with the ladies about my journey with AmeriCorps and self discovery, and I could tell that they truly appreciated my time. I even stayed longer than I had anticipated for dinner!
Overall, I am super grateful for the opportunity to be able to connect with like minded people who have the same passion to make a change. Volunteer Maryland has provided me with the key tools needed to directly and indirectly support those in need. I walked away from this experience with a warm heart, the satisfaction of seeing smiling faces, and a full tummy which is always amazing. Shout out to VM class 31 for getting things done! Thanks for reading.